Our Story

Āto Jewels

Johara Abdullah - creates jewelry that reflects the collective identity of modern women. Based in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, her pieces reflect the duality that exists between the deep cultural heritage embedded in Saudi society and the global mindset of the modern Saudi woman.

Rooted in timeless tradition while expressing a modern vision, Johara’s brand is called Āto Jewels. Āto means “art” in Japanese, and she strongly identifies with the simplicity and elegance of the modern Japanese design aesthetics which she sees reflected in her native Najdi landscape. In fact, as part of her studies for her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Jewelry Design she completed an internship with a Japanese designer in New York City and has a strong connection to Japanese design principles. Jewelry can be defined as a different form of art, Āto Jewels is where your artistic imagination meets luxury, in a space between Japanese design principles and the minimalist landscape of Najd.

Johara believes that “women can be whatever they want” and this conviction is reflected in her jewelry. She creates distinctive and luxurious Fine Jewelry as well as statement contemporary pieces that allow the women who wear them to express their unique identities. Johara strives to establish a personal connection between her pieces and those who wear Āto Jewels.