Size Guide

How do you find your correct finger size?

Measure the diameter of your finger using a ring sizer measuring tool. Simply put your finger inside the tool’s snare and fasten. (No measuring tool? No problem! You can also wrap your finger with a tape measure or even paper.)

When fastening the tool, please consider that your knuckle is larger than the bottom of your finger and be careful to not over-tighten. The correct sizing will feel snug to your finger but also allow the tool to glide easily over your knuckle.

Ideally, measure your finger twice - once in the morning and once in the evening - to ensure the correct measurement. As your body temperature changes over the course of the day and affects your blood flow, the diameter of your finger fluctuates; your correct finger size will be the average between your morning and evening measurements.

Match your finger size to the chart below

Once you have your correct finger size, match it to the chart below for your corresponding standardised ring size.

Free resizing

To qualify for free resizing when purchasing your ring from our website, please send an email immediately after your purchase for us to guide you through the process and ensure you receive the correct size. If, despite our best efforts, your ring is not exactly the correct size for you on its arrival, we will happily resize again at our cost.
Please note: Not all rings are resizable and we will have to confirm the possibility of your chosen ring’s resizing in our response to your first email.



European Size System
US/European Conversion Table